New systems create some hype (Edition 22)

With the excitement of footy finals over we’re still celebrating with the announcement of some great new systems. This edition is packed with exciting news and developments that are happening around Cherry Hill Coolstores. We’ve implemented a new automatic purging system of C02 throughout our…

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We’re in safe hands. To be sure

We are pleased to welcome Conor O’Doherty to the Cherry Hill team. Conor joins us as our new Business Development Manager. Originally from the beautiful town of Derry in Northern Ireland, Conor moved to Tasmania seven years ago. He moved for love and has fallen…

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Another innovation set for Cherry Hill (Edition 21)

CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE INTO MAY 2018. WE CAN’T! We’re starting to receive our seed from Simplot and we have a lovely testimony from one of our newest growers, Ryan Oliver, about his first year growing for them. We have exciting news too – we are…

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Kevin’s European Vacation! (Edition 19)

THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD AS SPRING FINALLY LOOKS LIKE IT’S DECIDED TO SHOW IT’S PRETTY FACE. In this edition we’ll update you how the cutting is going and let you know about the two Field Days we recently held for growers and field officers of…

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Bulk unloading and sizing machine

Boys and their toys – new machinery (Edition 18)

2017 IS MOVING FAST. Happy New Year (seems a while ago now) and welcome to our Autumn newsletter, the first for 2017. We’ve had a fabulous start to the year at Cherry Hill and are looking forward to telling you about it! We have a…

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A very Merry Christmas to you (Edition 17)

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. We’re not sure where you place with Santa but you are certainly on our good list! And for this we have a present – our December newsletter! It’s been a busy year and we’d like to update you on…

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Tasmanian landscape

An introduction to one tonne bins (Edition 16)

SEPTEMBER – SPRING! WHERE HAS 2016 GONE? We know what we’ve been up to! We’ve been busy at the farm and are pleased to share with you some stories on our very new coolstore and new seed intake machinery. Read about this below! Also Kevin…

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Curl up by the log fire for a good read (Edition 15)

ALTHOUGH WINTER MAKES US FELL LIKE STAYING INSIDE LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS IF YOU VENTURE OUT! Pictured above is ‘Railton Frost’, courtesy of Tourism Tasmania and Kelly Slater. Isn’t it just stunning. This edition we’ve got some great stories that won’t make you feel…

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North West Seed Potato Tour (Edition 14)

WE KNOW EASTER IS EARLIER THIS YEAR BUT WE STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S MARCH AND THAT RABBIT IS BUSY PREPARING HIS EGG DELIVERIES ALREADY! This edition Kevin Langmaid has written our feature article, on our recent seed tour in the North West. We were all…

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Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? (Edition 13)

CAN YOU HEAR THOSE SLEIGH BELLS RINGING? WHO CAN BELIEVE ANOTHER YEAR HAS PASSED AND CHRISTMAS IS UPON US? We have a real treat for you this edition with our feature article, “An Insight from Daryl Lohey”. Daryl and Susie Lohrey (Lohrey Pastoral Co) grow…

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Roberts Day at Scottsdale a success (Edition 12)

FAREWELL WINTER HELLO SPRING! What a beautiful cold, snowy patch we have just experienced but good news… the cold temperatures will have helped sterilize our soil and wipe out a few bugs that give us grief in the growing season. A cold winter does have…

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Hopping you have a wonderful Easter! (Edition 10)

HOPPING YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER! As Easter is upon us we’ve had time to reflect and realise “nothing stays the same”. At Cherry Hill we’ve been very busy revamping our seed potato cutting operation. This project started in the planning stages 12 months ago….

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Wolfgang wins our survey competion! (Edition 9)

HO HO HO! Can you believe it’s nearly 2015? Christmas came early this year, 
with this years’ planting season being kind to farmers, the crops were planted 
on time and generally went into ideal conditions. Overall seed came out of the coolstores in good condition…

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